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TUniImage Problem


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This is not the fist time I post this, however I am in an urgent on this.


I am using 0.93 with XE2


White PNG Images does not show in black backgrounds on ISAPI deploymens. 


However, a black PNG image does show always.


If i turn off the transparent property, the image get all white.


ServerModule is set to PNG as default. But changing it to JPG makes no difference.


The same white image works as PNG on Standalone Server. Black Images need to be as TBitmap. If I use as PNG it does not show even on design mode.


So what is wrong?



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I have finally found where the problem is, after months of pain.




I use Dev Express componentes for other projects. It register a property editor called TdxPNGImage for handling PNG Images.


It is based on the file extension, and as it is the last registered it is the default on my delphi installation.


For any image stored internally on TUniImage.Picture it uses the TdxPNGImage to handle the PNG image and it is not compatible with uniGUI at webmode.


Since I know many uses DevExpress I am posting here the solution for this problem. 


The workaround is described on the link above, however the easiest way is at the moment of loading the image that will be streamed in side the TUniIMage to select the CORRECT handler:




You will see there is more than on PNG option on the list. UniGUI uses the "Portable Network Graphics (PNG)" option listed on the combobox. Selecting it will handle correctly.



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