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Text boxes with background image ??? help


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Text boxes with background image 
I'm around trying to put an image in a text box by css, but not in that event put the code extevent


this is the css that gets me the image in the text box



this is the code I put in the event onbeforerender




and does not work




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Hi Guillermo E. Paulino. 
Try the following: 
  background:url('images/magnifying-glass.gif') no-repeat !important;  

2. not onbeforerender, you need to add to afterrender

function afterrender(sender, eOpts)
  Ext.get(sender.id + '-inputEl').addCls("searchBox");


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Is it possible to do this in Delphi code as well?
I want to do it based on the value of a property.




I found you can do it like this:

yourControl.Color := StringToColor(dmCss.RequiredField);

dmCss is just a simple datamodule. 

  TdmCss = class(TDataModule)
    { Private declarations }
    const RequiredField = '$00F1DDC1';

But that does only the background color. Using a CSS class would be much better, as that gives us the possibility to also color border and do more styling on a web based way. We are doing web development, aren't we?

So if anyone knows the answer how to add a CSS class to the input element via Delphi code, please let me know :-)

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