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Error : Class not registered


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Hi Farshad,


i add the uniGuiRegClasses to the main uses list .....BUT we have a strange problem


  • I've installed the runtime extJS Runtime on a clean Win7-32 bits computer
  • Placed the application in a folder
  • Start application and working


We would like to make a isapi.dll but before that we test the application just as

a standalone server .exe. It has to run on a clean Windows 2013 64-bits server


Repeated the steps above on :

- a clean Windows 2012 - 64 bits server

- a clean Windows 2008 - 64 bits server

- a clean Windows 2008 - 32 bits server


In all situations  we got the following error message :


An Exeception has occured in application:

Class not registrered, ClassID {DF8A4FE2-221A-4504-987A-3FD4720DB929


Oke...maybe it's in the application...so for that i compiled the Dialog demo and

put it on the same server..still got the same error


Do you have suggestion where to look for a solution. Running the apps on a

Windows 7 machine it's not a problem as i discribed above.


Regars Peter




Running the apps as a standalone Win 7

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And the same applications is running on a Windows 7 machine en NOT on a Windows 8 machine, both 64-bits


A applications compiled with a version before 0.94 is directly running...


anyone suggestion where to look ?

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