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Hi there,


I have a TDataModule, created as Application DataModule by wizard.


It works fine, there are many tables there.


However I dont see it getting destroyed.


Everytime the application needs it I use the function created automatically:


function DMMainG: TDMMainG;
  Result := TDMMainG(UniMainModule.GetModuleInstance(TDMMainG));

And I see it reuses the same instance first created.


That is ok.


However if the session is terminated I dont see it getting destroyed. I have put a breakpoint on the destructor and even messages and it remain there.


I am trying to find memory leaks on my application, because it is using each time more memory.


I have tried to use Free Datamodule, but it just crashes the application. I am used to deal with it for many years on normal Delphi apps. I cannot use on the MainModule because I have a different set of tables, and according with the setup of the application I will use one or another DataModule.


Please, I wonder if someone had any experience with it and could give me a direction.


Thank you !



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