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UniGUI - Great Product. Commercial licence please...


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Greetings, UniGui-ers


Been using UniGUI for approx 7 months now. All I can say, Mr Mohajeri, is "Wow". I've been a (windows-only) Delphi programmer since v1 in the mid 90s and UniGUI is an absolute godsend to convert my skills to the age of the Internet.


I could start building and selling software starting tomorrow using Uni + Sencha. However, I would be much happier if I had a commercial (paid-for) licence for UniGUI as opposed to a free (and pretty stable, thank you) beta version.


I have written commercial software before and I know from first hand experience that it always takes longer than you think. Do you have any idea when a commercial licence will be available?


Thanks, FM, for all your efforts so far and to everyone else on here for working towards a releasable, commercial version.



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Thanks for your nice comments.


I understand looking from outside it looks like that we are stuck in a perpetual beta mode! However, new versions are coming and 0.95 is under development including a new exciting feature.


All I can say for now is that somewhere between 0.95 - 1.00 we will start selling commercial licenses. Also there is a chance that we will directly jump from 0.95 to 1.0RC.

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