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DBGrid not showing Calculated field correctly


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Hi there!


I have a master detail form with a dbgrid connected to a DBISAM TTable. 


The master grid has a column TOTAL, that is linked to the same column on the TTable. It is a calculated field


On the OnCalcFields i have a loop on the detail table (another DBISAM TTable) that calculates the total and stores the value on the master:

procedure TDMMainG.TablePedidoCalcFields(DataSet: TDataSet);
  total : Currency;
  total := 0;

  while not TablePedidoItPesq.Eof do
    total := total + (TablePedidoItPesq.FieldByName('valor').AsCurrency * TablePedidoItPesq.FieldByName('qtd').AsFloat);

  DataSet.FieldByName('total').Value := total;

With a breakpoint on this code I can see that the TOTAL is getting calculated right.


However on the DBGrid is shows only one value as the same for all rows. Sometimes the first, sometimes the last. I have not found why.


I have tried fetchall, recno, etc and in any situation is the same.


What can I do to fix this situation?





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