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Application does not starts


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I have 100% exatly a old Problem (solution exists in forum).


My Problem is 100% the same as:





There is a solution: But I can't open them. If I try to open 





then I see: Sorry, you don't have permission for that!


pls help me.... pls let me read the solution


bye Joerg



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Hello thanks for the fast answer....


I make at the moment only a "Hello World Demo" which I want show my Bosss.

But she must run on Server (real Server)... only on local machine my Boss will not accept.


must I bye for the Hello World this licence for $329 ? Or is there any other way ?


you say: "...where uniGUI is not installed " is it enough if Iinstall Unigui on server ?



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You don't have to install uniGUI on your server, but only uniGUI ExtJS runtime (available on the downloads page).

For a non commercial open source development, ExtJS licence is free (see Sencha website).  Otherwise, you must buy a licence; your application will run without it but it's not legal.


Hope it will help you.

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Hi.....I have install it... But no success.


I try it on 3 Computer


a) WIN 7 in LAN

B) Server 2008 in WEB

c) Server 2008 in WEB


always same result: A new side will open... then I see "loding" that was all


I try same with some you your demos.... and have same problem



I like Unigui very much... but see now nearly no chance to present it in big Meeting at friday


can you help me ?

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Can someone help me ? 

I´ve just installed UniGUI V 0.97 in Win8, Delphi 2010. The Delphi environment is ok, I can compile a simple app and some demos but I can´t run any of them.

When I compile, I can see the EXE file in task manager cut I don´t know how to see the app in the browser ! 

I´ve tried to execute them or call in browser ( localhost:8077/xxx.exe ) but nothing happens. 


Help !! 



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Yes, it woks, thanks. 
Another one: I´ve tested SimpleDemo ( Demos ) and it´s OK. But the second time I tried to execute and I get "Could not bind socket. Adresses and port are in use". Even with others apps it appears. 

I try to find the exe in everything, even with task manager. 


What to do ? 

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