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RTL Demo Project


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Hi Farshad/Team,


Currently i am developing an application that uses RTL and database components. i do not know exactly what i am missing since database fields are not shown properly (as in attached image).


So would someone be kind and post a demo project based on RTL or help and show what is exactly has to done in this kind of projects.


Looks to me that Uniedit is working OK.



Thank you in advance


Your response is highly appriciated.


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Thank you all for your support.


The problem i think was fields properties are changed at runtime. i read in one post that not all properties can be changed at runtime so i added all fields to the table as recommended by Mohammad early.


The new bug i think is that UNIDBGRID header is not aligning to center in either RTL or LTR.


:D :D :D :D :D :D


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