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Forum, Blog with Social Comments, Store with a 3ºprt payments methods, is possible for uniGUI?


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Hi all!

I'm new here, and i want to know how powerfull uniGUI are.

I saw all demos, and they are all non-related things or incomplete.


For example, is good to know that we have these fish facts, really, but things like this are just a small part of a big web application.


Lets use YouTube for example:


1. User enter on a clean website: youtube.com.

2. A beauty and functional webpage with login section(optional).

3. User can choose some video(or blog/news post for example) and make his comment while the page is auto updated to see his post, and yet get replies.


How about a store?


Bitcoins, paypal, etc.

It's possible to use it inside a full uniGUI project?


And about log in this application with social accounts, like Facebook or Twitter?


I'm not a web developer. I don't like PHP, ASP, HTML, etc...

I really love Delphi, and uniGUI IS FOR DELPHI!


There are solutions for things like that on real life on Delphi?

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My $0.02 worth:


UniGUI is best suited to web apps that "do" things: control SQL data, do complex calcs, integrate with Excel. If you take an old-school Windows-only business app with a SQL database behind it, I would say that is perfect for conversion to UniGUI. You'll need to learn a bit about IIS or Apache and do a few things slightly differently (interface design, modal windows, callbacks, sessions etc) but it works beautifully.


If you want to build a web site, just like every other website with links to Facebook, google ads, forums etc, then I don't think UniGUI is the best solution.

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