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How to create a "databaseList" with uniPanels and Standard-DBGrid-Funktions


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[Webmode]  Hello,


i am trying to create a selfmade "databaseList"

what i have since now works "normal" and fast  .. but how should i handle "marked entries" ?



i want to "select" a panel with single click .. (change the image which is in the panel)

i want to "open" a record with doubleclick  (i lose the doubleclick funktion with tests of "select" .. the first click will be stolen for the "select" funktion)

not important but nice: i want to navigate with keyboard 


AND  ... my javascript and css knowHow is very bad :-(



Thanx for helping






i create uniPanels at runtime   .. the TAG value of my_uniPanel is the unique recordNr. of the current record

while not unimainmodule.ZTabelname.Eof do

i define Single AND DoubleClick on the panel

my_uniPanel.OnDblClick:=my_panel_dbclick   .... same for single click

i define "hover effects" for the "rows"

      ('OnAfterrender=function OnAfterrender(sender)'+
      ' {  sender.setBodyStyle("background-color:#FFFFFF"); }');
      ('OnMouseout=function Onmouseout(sender)'+
      ' { sender.body.applyStyles("background-color:#FFFFFF"); }');
      ('Onmouseover=function Onmouseover(sender)'+
      ' {sender.body.applyStyles("background-color:#E8E8E8"); }');



i create a image in every unipanel..


i create a uniLabel for the text   ... my_uniLabel.caption is filled with database values ...


i give the uniLables a css class..

my_script:='OnAfterCreate=function OnAfterCreate(sender) '+
    '{  '+
    ' sender.cls="x-dbtext100-user";'+
    '}  ';





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