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TuniScrollBox and Controlling its scrolls


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Hi there,


I am trying to use TuniScrollBox in a UniForm as the background (align=client)


On this uniScrollAbox I have changed the autoscroll to false, I dont want the use to control the scroll.


My need is to scroll horizontally only. Where I can have the effect of changing one page to another. I will only will have 2 pages at the component. Left and Right Page.


The user only will be able one of the pages. According to the selected options on the page the OTHER page get refreshed and then the pages are changed with the scroll.


I am not sue that is possible with uniScrolBox, the efect of sliding of this component is very interesting, and is what I need. However I need to controle the position of the scroll, to change it to left or right according the direction. I need also to know the overall current attributes of the uniScrollBox, because I need to make sure only one page can be seen.


Anyone have idea on how to reach that?


Thanks in advance.



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