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How to zoom in / out to a form


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Maybe if you see the resolution of your device and dynamically resize your form?

To control the zoom on a smartphone add on In UniServerModule.custommeta
help something
<meta content='True' name='HandheldFriendly' />
<meta content='width=device-width; initial-scale=1.0; maximum-scale=2.0; user-scalable=1;' name='viewport' />
if (document.body) {



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1. Although Extjs is a web framework it's not intended to be run at smartphone/taplets, because of the user experience will be difficult interacting with your app, so if you insist to use it here a technique how you can improve it.


2. I have used this technique before for displaying adds based on js animation because smartphones in general doesn't support flash, so we have html and js as a good alternative, but the problem is: smartphones and tablets has a variant screen size and variant resolution (as your issue) so we had to build a custom add animation for every device (sounds silly)  we didn't, we just wrapped our add main container with a div and we did a zoom (scale) using css and I have to say it was a very good solution for us (and for you).


3. In few words scale your form dynamically as user's screen or display resolution, how? use js 'resize' function+jquery:

$(window).resize(function() {
   var a=$('#tbllogo').width();//screen width  
   a/=980;//aspect ration   
   if(a>1) a=1;//optionally- if you don't want to make you window bigger than original size
   $(".div_add_max").css("-webkit-transform","scale("+a.toString()+")");//use $(youform.id)

4. You may see it online for website in this link: http://adan.co.il/pindex.php Try to resize your browser window and see how the content changes depending on window size.


5. here a screenshot :









I hope this will help you

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