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TuniNotification - A notification system with clicked event.

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Hi everybody,


i want to share TuniNotification component.


it's support HTML tags, Youtube videos, Custom css and Clicked Event!


You can see it in here : http://hayriaslan.net/iis/UniNotificationDemo.dll



Features : 


Theme:string - default:'default' - A string specifying the theme to be used. This value is a hook into the css, so you can create your own theme. The possible options are:
title:string - default:'Message' - Specify an optional title heading that will show on the top of the notification in bold text.


position:string - default:'bottom right' - A string specifying where the notification will appear. possible options are:
      'top right'
      'bottom right'
      'top left'
      'bottom left'








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notofication.dpk dosyasını notepad++ ile açın. orada unigui14 gördüğünüz yerleri unigui16 yapacaksınız. unigui16 sizin sürümünüz olan xe2.


kısacası 14 gördüğünüz heryeri 16 yapın. düzelecektir.


Merhaba all together B)


would be nice if you would share your conversation with the english speaking part of the forum.....

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I am using Delphi 2010(14) and i compiled it with that.


if you are using different version of delphi change in notification.dpk 

  uniGUI14, ExtPascal14, uniTools14, uIndy14 to your delphi version.
For example for XE2(16) change that uniGUI16, ExtPascal16, uniTools16, uIndy16


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