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I have a panel where i place some diferent frames depending of a button click.


When i assign the frame align to "alclient", it doesn't do it, it's placed but not maximized to the size of the panel. 


This is the code i run on a click button of my Form form 1 of the frames:

if frame1 = nil then begin
        frame1:= tframe1.create(self);
        frame1.Parent := self.panel1;
        frame1.Align := alclient;
        frame1.Visible := true;
if frame1 <> nil then begin

frame1 is a private variable of the form and self.panel1 is alclient to this form.


Also, as i mentioned in another post, self.Menu:=self.frame1.Menu doesn't work. You can't change the menu of a Form based on the active Frame as you can do in Delphi.



Thank you very much

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