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Testing demos

Bennie Coetzer

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I am running Delphi XE3 and am busy playing with the demos.


UniServerModule.AutoCoInitialize: Property does not exist

UniMainModule.MonitoredKeys.Keys: Property does not exist





Paint_XE2, etc.


and some others



this works but when I try to run it using the UniGUI webserver it stops at displaying 'Loading...' and won't continue


Any suggestions or are there some installation files that I am missing.



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Looks like it still is not easy.  I am trying to create an environment where I can test on the desktop but for some reason fail to achieve this.  It is clearly possible as your demos demonstrate this.

I have created a new application with the app wizard but regardless of which project type I select it doesn't run on the desktop, only from the browser.  Could this have something to do with the fact that I use a different project folder than the default?  I see no difference in the basic code of my app and the dblookup_xe2 demo.

Maybe there is a setting of a component that I am not aware of.

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Take a look at the Servermodule.dfm - perhaps you've chosen through the wizard or set the "Standalone" property manually to true, so only the integrated webserver reacts through the browser (a VCL GUI will then not be displayed, like properties name reveals :-)

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