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DBGrid Footer does not auto-width adjust


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i have MainMenu

on click of button "a" i open frame inside the LEFT side of the mainform.

on the right i have DbGrid connected to Clients List.

1. if i put the open of the AdoDataset in the "UniFrameReady" event - the grid is not filled.

only if i open the query on the "UniFrameCreate" (weird).

2. the footer of the DbGrid does not Adjust to the "Width" of the DbGrid (1 - red).

3. there are "Gap" (margin or padding) between the items in the footer (2 - red).

how can i control those "Gaps" (with what class)


this is without "F12"



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unigui version 1579

compile and run


user = admin

password = 1




run button no 2




1. the toolbar control of the grid is not ajjust to the width of the grig

2. the containers set to 100% width in the source but not set to 100%

attach the source.


Yossi Mazal-Tov




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