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Popup Menu is Not Working in Delphi 2010


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I'm having the same issue actually. Using D2010 if I create a popup menu it just does not show at runtime.


I know in normal Delphi you 'attach' a popup to the form but there is no popupmenu property on TUniForm. I have tried doing this at runtime (form oncreate) but still nothing and no errors coming out of the console.

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Hi Farshad,


I just looked at the demo which does work to see what you are doing.


You are actually checking for MouseDown within the container panel and then calling popup.


I was simply dropping a popup menu on a form and setting the forms popmenu property to unipopupmenu1. I guess this is just the 'web' way in that different containers can have a different popupmenu. I'm so used to the old Delphi way of dropping a popup on a form and setting properties.


Have to say first time I'm using unigui in anger and its awesome!





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