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Problems with XE2 Installation


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I tried to install 0.92 in  XE2.


I followed the instruction but when it comes to buiding packages I don't see the Install menuitem after building (see Screenshot attached).


So i cannot install packages.


Note: For XE2 I used: uniGUI2012Group


Which could be the reasons?


Moreover I own TeeChart professional and i cannot build the chart packages. Is this issue addresses?

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If I open Servermodule I have main.pas of a demo i have



[Window Title]
Error creating form: Error reading MainForm.MonitoredKeys.Keys: Property MonitoredKeys.Keys does not exist.
so something is not ok
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I have also had problems installing in delphi x2.

But I think it would be important that indicate packages to install version. For Example X2, X3,,, or if not possible there was a parcel load instruction for each version of Delphi.


I will continue as installing lines to see I've done the wrong way
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HI there,


Well, I have decided to start a new project using uniGUI and give a try with it!


Lets see how it will respond to the task, I am with a great hope it will work very well.


I am right now having the same trouble related before on this thread:


MainForm.MonitoredKeys.Keys: Property MonitoredKeys.Keys does not exist


When opening the loginform demo.


I have openede the uniGUI2012Group on Delphi XE2 update 4 and build it. Also I have installed the 4 packages on the order mentioned on the tutorial. Seems that all of them got installed according to the dialogs (same as the tutorial)


I have removed and installed all over again and I could not solve the problem.


I see on installed design packages 3 packaged named FMSoft and the SynEdit package as well.


I have no idea what else is needed. I used to have synedit package installed before, I removed it from the package list before installing uniGUI since it was conflicting. After removing it I could install the uniGUI package.


Installed under Windows XP SP3 with fmsoft_unigui_beta_0.93.1.1000_setup.exe


Thanks for any help.



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