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Jancarlos Martins

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I have one question. My application use base of this project like framework to call another project (module-app) to run in separate windows. My additional module-app  need parameters i need to run with that parameters. When modules-app session was close, I get link to run module-app again and I cant, because I don't have parameters anymore.

How question:

Have I can close new created window in main app (framework) when module-app session get close;


Sorry on bad English

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Error : [dcc32 Fatal Error] SimpleDesktop.dpr(13): F2063 Could not compile used unit 'ServerModule.pas'


i am using Delphi XE8 with unigui v.


What is happening ?

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help, plz

name := StringReplace(window.window.WebForm.ExtWindow.Id, '_id', '', [rfReplaceAll] + [rfIgnoreCase]);


[dcc32 Error] Main.pas(489): E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'ExtWindow'


uniGUI - last beta from website

Just replace ExtWindow with JSWindow.


When form maximazed it overlaped main menu and bottom task bar. Has anybody fixed that problem?

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Olá amigo,


Tentei executar seu exemplo e deu um erro nessa linha:

  nameObjExt := StringReplace(form.WebForm.ExtWindow.Id,'_id','',[rfReplaceAll] +[rfIgnoreCase]);


... que se encontra na procedure TUniServerModule.addMinimize(Form:TUniForm);


No "Messages" diz:

[dcc32 Error] ServerModule.pas(45): E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'ExtWindow']



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