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Charts: Gradient, Color, Animate Using unigui


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Hola Mohammad, estuve viendo tu ejemplo. Intente reproducirlo pero no puedo hacerlo andar...


Copie el Chart.js de tu proyecto al mio, pero no se como decirle que lo use.

El error que me sale es: store1 is not defined


Podrías indicarme los pasos para repoducir el ejemplo.




Hi Mohammad, I was watching your example. Try to play it but I can not walk ...

Chart.js copy of your project to mine, but not how to tell you to use.
The error I get is: store1 is not defined
Could you tell me the steps to repoducir example.
Thank you.
Translated by Google.
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1. Create a 'js' folder in your project directory:






2. Add the 'charts.js' file to 'js' folder:




3. add link to js file in server module:




4. Add html frame to your project and add this code to client events --> 'on added':





5. in js file add 'var' to store1:


















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Interesting chart type, good presentation, ... my question, how you can show other types of graphs, bar type, stack, etc ... or is this just the bar,


thanks and congratulations                                                   by google translator



Interesante tipo de grafico, buena presentación, ...mi pregunta, ¿como se puede mostrar otros tipos de graficos, tipo barra , stack , etc...o sólo se debe usar este de barra, 


gracias y felicitaciones 
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Hi, and firstly thanks again Modammad.


I see charts v2 demo, I've made the same thing on another project but when after  UniSession.AddJS(tmp); nothing happened, no error but no graph. I test the tmp data that i sent in your project and it is working.
The only think I cannot check is the "5. in js file add 'var' to store1:" because there is no screenshot anymore.


Please if anyone can suggest something.


Thanks for your time

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