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Issue with Delphi 2010 and v0.90.976


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Finally let us change the application so we are trying to upgrade it's UniGUI based-module from v0.89.957 to the lastest version v0.90.976.

I do not know if what happens is a bug or is that we are missing something (sure is the latter).

The steps we have taken are:

  • Remove UniGUI from IDE, uninstall UniGUI and remove UniGUI's directory
  • Install v0.90.976 and test the framework instalation by running some demo (everithing seems ok)
  • Open our application and modify its ExtRoot from ext-3.4.0\ to ext.4.1.1a\
  • Copy the directory ext.4.1.1a\  to the directory of the application

Here, when running the application we obtain only the LoadingMessage and don't show the Login form.

What we may be overlooking?


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