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Toolbar ribbon style


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I would to know how can I use new toolbars of ext4


Sencha ext 4 toolbars




Hi KingOrmon,


I developed this toolbar in my application uniGUI manually using the extension "Ext.ux.Ribbon.js." I'm still using ExtJS 3 and do not know if something changed to version 4. It was a bit tricky, but if you want I can help you build yours. I'm posting a picture.


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Anybody has a demo/example for this Ribbon Menu?


I've found this Ribbon ExtJs plugin:




But i can't achieve to make it work in the a sample project.


Can anybody help us?


I know there is a Ribbon example in http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/3372-ribbons-demo/?hl=ribbon


but i would like a example to make ExtJs plugins like this work in UniGui.


Thank you.

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the only problem is that if you are using the version of unigui 94, do not functioned since they stopped implementing some caracteristas, and to use the ribbon need to install the UniXBitButton and these do not work for version 94 but for the 93 currently I have not migrated to version 94 of unigui this topic since I am making an application and I have implemented the ribbon and if I did not work I migrated.


picture of my ribbon





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Finally i have the plugin working:


I attach a sample project if you want to try. There are 2 CustomeFiles, and all the code is inside the ClientEvent beforeinit of the UniPanel1.


I have another issue now. I can't make the Ribbon menu render inside the Form. So if the Ribbon is rendered, the form isn't. It seems that the renderTo : Ext.getBody() makes the Ribbon to be outside the Form. But i can't make renderTo: MainForm or something like this, because it seems the MainForm is not created yet.  


Can you help me to make the Ribbon menu rendered inside the Form as the UniPanel1 is?


Thank you.


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Finally a trick did the job.


I would like to ask to Unigui developers why the first version did not worked, since i thought sender.plugins = [ ...]  makes the plugin render inside the sender.


Another thing i don't understand is why UniEvent AfterCreate is never triggered. If i write a console.log('Aftercreate') , the text is never shown. So i assume it's never triggered. 


So to make it work, i had to add to afterRender of the panel direct Extjs code, to add the Ribbon to the panel. Also i would like to ask to Unigui developers if this kind of code is recomendable, clean or if there is another way to do it. I assume that coding this Extjs code to a Unigui Component should be better, but for now i don't have the time to do Unigui components (also i assume that will have to guess a lot of things because there is not much documentation).


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Hi there,


   Could you tell us how can we call an existent form with this ribbon?

   I am delphi developer since '98, so, i know that through .show() or .showModal() inside a procedure works fine (if i work with menu component), but in this case we have an extjs event - inside unievents option... I tried <form_name>.<form_i_want_showl>.show.. listeners and other things unsucessfully  :(


thanks All



Ps. I understand that extjs events inside unievents is client side ,too... the other form that I want call it´s server side? There´s a way that do this? Thanks again.

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