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my first example and my first question


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Hello i just download the product for delphi2007. I need, if was possible, a simple guide to do my first program.


Something like ¡hello world! but in a web.


I am sorry, i am trying it and ..... .


Please, someone can help me ?. I am lost. I know delphi well but this is totally new from me.


I need only the first steps an then it's my problem like ever.





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Well...it's not so difficult to start your first apps:


- Start Delphi and then do the following:

- File / New / Other / UniGui for Delphi

- Application Wizard and do what you normally do in Delphi, gave the project

a name and a project directory.

- Choose al VCL Applicaton / Standalone server or Isapi if you would like

- Click the OK button and your project is ready to start

- If you need a DataModule or Form do the same as about File / New / UniGui for Delphi and choose

a datamodule or form

- Use the ServerModule to create the standalone server or if you would like to change the

MainFormDisplay into mfPaAge or mfForm and run the apps and see what happens

- Run the apps using F9 like the Delphi way

- Start you browser and use: http://localhost:8077 to see you apps


Regards Peter

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