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UniCalendarPanel - ExtEvents.OnMouseOver


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Hi Farshad/members.


1) I need to show special hint for every UniCalendarPanel Event.

I may use some AjaxRequest in ExtEvents.OnMouseOver handler, but I don't know how to get required event parameters (EventID, etc.) for active event under mouse cursor.


2) Should I use global UniCalendarPanel.Hint and change it on each OnMouseOver event, or should I use Ext.Tip.Tooltip rather ?


3) As a special case, I need to show event hint using Location/Notes property (client/JS only).


I'm not familiar with JS scripting well.


I'll be happy with some snippet.


Thank you so much.

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I have made some tests just editing the title of the event. Instead using the event title "New Event" i use:


<span title="event details...">New  Event</span>

Displays "event details..." as hint



<span onmouseover="alert('Hello');">New  Event</span>

Calls function alert(). Instead alert() you could use your own javascript function myfunc('EventId').

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Thank you, I'll check this way.


Nevertheless, is there some way to get EventID for active event under mouse cursor ? ExtEvents properties look usable, but it's unclear to me how to pass right parameters for AJAX request. I need call it online and process it on server side.

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