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Install problem 0.90 and Delphi 2007


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I was wondering if the installation is the same as version 0.89 because now i got

errors when building the packages :



[DCC Error] sysEdit_R2007.dpk(30): E2202 Required package VCL not foun



[DCC Error] sysEdit_D2007.dpk(31): E2202 Required package DESIGNIDE not found



[DCC Error] uniTools11.dpk(31): E2202 Required package RTL not found



[DCC Error] uniIndy11.dpk(31): E2202 Required package RTL not found


this is for all packages



regards Peter

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Hi Farshad


I found the problem...it's a FastReport issue which

deletes the delphi library path settings.

After i did a new Delphi install followed

by FastReport the install removes the path settings

After added them manual i could install UniGui



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  • 4 years later...

Well I'm not sure this the right to do this.

Any how, w'll try

I' having this problem instaling delphi 2007 uniGUI component

  UniStrUtils in 'UniStrUtils.pas',
  uniWinUtils in 'uniWinUtils.pas',
  uniLogger in 'uniLogger.pas',
  UniStreamer in 'UniStreamer.pas',
  uniSimpleEnc in 'uniSimpleEnc.pas',
  uniZLibExApi in 'uniZLibExApi.pas',
  uniZLibEx in 'uniZLibEx.pas',
  uniDateUtils in 'uniDateUtils.pas';
not found?!

Can any body help?

Best regards

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