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Visual inconsistency in Windows/Linux


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Same project. Same browser.

But UniPanels have different heights when generated by linux or windows standalone hosts, and some bottom controls even disappear from view.

Seems that that's depends on TitleVisible = True property.

Server on Windows:


Server on linux:


 Numbers in title are generated by code hook in uniPanel.pas:

function TUniCustomPanel.GetEffectiveHeight: Integer;
  BH : Integer;
  Result := inherited GetEffectiveHeight;

  Result := Result - (GetBorderWidth * 2);

  if FTitleVisible or FCollapsible then
    case FTitlePostion of
          BH := UniSession.CurrentTheme.PanelBandHeight;
          Result := Result - BH;
          if Pos(Name,Title)=0 then Title:=Name; 
          Title:=Title+' '+Result.ToString; // <-------

Why I have extra GetEffectiveHeight calls and numbers are different and incorrect on Linux?


Also: right margins are different too. By a few pixels, but still not good.

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I think this is a very hard issue to solve due to the possibilities, demands and more urgent issues , and above all, Ext.JS dependency.
uniGUI Team: Remove uniGU dependency (or make optional)  of Ext.JS and make more compatible with pwa approach. Same things happens across all frameworks with UI focus.
Even Embarcadero not bothered to make a full UI FMX compatible set of components to linux/unbutu. Just try it and see.
Make a poll and ask how many users really make uniGUI apps to linux/Unbutu. Guess what, in stateful (unigUI, intraweb, Elevate, Komo, etc)  categories, there is no much options available either.

My two cents.


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I don't think issue is ExtJS based.

More like some core UniGUI code for server side alingment/sizing works diffrerent in linux.

Where would not be any difference in number of GetEffectiveHeight events fired otherwise.

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Similarly, there are problems with render on the server... 

This creates additional work with ExtJS - frames have to be converted to the original ExtJS...and for the rest, use the Unigui communication model while losing some of the framework feature that were convenient and winning.

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On 2/13/2023 at 9:04 PM, Tokay said:

Related issues

Added high text to the UniHTMLMemos. And tools became half-hidden, right scrollbars does not view. On Windows all works well:


Снимок экрана 2023-02-13 210012.png

Hi, Uni team! Is this issue fixed in latest versions?

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