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Unigui x Intraweb


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Message from: "Farshad Mohajeri"


"Junior/RO" wrote in message


> Hi Farshad.


> I need to write a comparision between unigui and intraweb. But I don't

> know nothing about intraweb.


> Do you can help me with this?



You can become familiar with VCL for the web aka Intraweb by starting a

project in it or running its demos. It is included in all Delphi versions.


Let me highlight some points:


- UniGUI is 100% AJAX enabled.

In Intraweb AJAX support is partially implemented.


- Intraweb can be used to develope both web sites and web applications.

UniGUI is best for Web Applications.


- You can use custom HTML templates in Intraweb

UniGUI doesn't emit much HTML and HTML templates aren't available


- In UniGUI you can use same code base to create a VCL desktop app and a web

RIA app.

Intraweb can not create VCL desktop apps.


- UniGUI uses Ext JS library to render web pages

- Intraweb emits its own HTML and JS code.


- In UniGUI same combo project can be used to deploy ISAPI or Standalone


In Intraweb you need to have separate projects


- Intraweb can use customized CSS to change visual appearance of controls

uniGUI relies on CSS classes in current theme for visual appearance


- In uniGUI you can dynamically create and destroy controls in AJAX calls

In Intraweb you need to refresh page to dynamically create or destroy



- UniGUI is beta

Intraweb released years ago





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