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uniGUI = productivity


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Dear Farshad,


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


I downloaded for the first time exactly one week ago and started converting a Delphi 2010 desktop application which contains 23 forms and 10 reports. After just one week, most of it spent learning the differences between desktop and web applications, I have just 4 forms remaining to convert. What a change from Delphi's "VCL for the Web" which I found almost useless.


My application is a "Conference Management System" for conferences (local committees) of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and it stores information about our clients and finances on a hosted MySQL database. Because of the sensitive nature of the data, encryption of key data was an essential requirement and, until now, I couldn't see how to do this with a web-based solution (without learning Java which I don't fancy doing).


uniGUI is BRILLIANT! Apart from some compromises in the UI, such as replacing a JvNavigationPanel with a UniTreeView, and other minor changes, my application looks much the same, and runs exactly the same, in the browser as in the original desktop application.


If Embarcadero have any sense, they will make you an offer you can't refuse. uniGUI makes Delphi a compelling choice for developing Rich Internet Applications and gives Delphi developers an extra advantage in being able to deploy fully functional applications in a browser.


Thanks again and congratulations on a superb job,


Mike O'Grady, Aquila Technology, Ireland.

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Hi Marlon,

yes, productivity with uniGUI is very high;


With ExtJS4 implementation (planned by Farshad) we will have also dynamic fetch of data and superior advanced features.

Therefore there will be no HTML 5 builder, Intraweb, Aspx, etc... in term of productivity and power.


Please Farshad, I have several Delphi application to porting to the web, I wait your upgrades :-)

(And I want to be the first in buying..)




Thank you,


Stefano Monterisi

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uniGui 10 x 0 FireMonkey


I think the Embarcadero can even buy the uniGui, but if not take Farshad together will not work. rsrsrsr


I hope to grow enough FMSoft and buy the embarcadero and Sencha and then turn everything into a single product! Would not it be nice?

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