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slow server responses with HyperServer


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I'm having problems on my server, which when it reaches 300 or more sessions, starts to get slow responses, even with available hardware resource.

My server is running on Windows Server 2019, AMD Epyc 16 cores, 32gb ram, IIS 7, unigui already tried to downgrade unigui to test but got the same results).

I tried to use the HyperServer farm with 6 slaves, but my application also starts to slow down when it exceeds 300 sessions.

Has anyone had a similar problem or have any idea what it could be?

Or what can I do to find out the problem.

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9 minutos atrás, Roberson disse:

Estou tendo problemas no meu servidor, que quando chega a 300 ou mais sessões, começa a receber respostas lentas, mesmo com recurso de hardware disponível.

Meu servidor está rodando no Windows Server 2019, AMD Epyc 16 núcleos, 32gb de RAM, IIS 7, unigui (já tentei rebaixar o unigui para testar, mas consegui os mesmos resultados).

Tentei usar a fazenda HyperServer com 6 escravos, mas meu sistema também começa a desacelerar quando excede 300 sessões.

Alguém teve um problema semelhante ou tem alguma ideia do que poderia ser?

Ou o que posso fazer para descobrir o problema.

How is the memory consumption?

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14 minutos atrás, Roberson disse:

tem uma média de 40% de consumo de memória e 30% de CPU

Does your server have a good configuration, should it be fast, a doubt, the whole system is slow, or some specific routine?


What would be the server latency?

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if using hyperserver with more than one application server, use cluster_mode=2

I had serious slowness problems using mode cluster_mode=1


in the manual explains everything in detail how to use mode 2


in mode 2 I have thousands of users with no slowdown issues

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