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URLFrame - Call Variable And Functions from loaded HTML Contant of my UniGUI App


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Hello Everybody!


I want to execute Functions or change Variables of by UniGUI Application which is in WebMode out of the loaded HTML Content in my UniURLFrame.

Is this possible?


A little example which should explain what i am searching for:


"myForm" is my UniGUI Form


"myURLFrame" is my URLFrame COmponent an my UniGUI Form


the loaded content...


<a href="javascript:Ext.myForm.Caption='A little Test from Web'">Change Caption</a>



Can you help me?

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Hey Guys!


I really need your help. Please please please.. i need an Idea!


It´s enough if i can call a function or procedure of my Delphi UniGUI Project out of the loaded content in the UniGUI URLFrame.


I hope, somebody has an Idea!



Thanks a lot!


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if I have to have call delphi method then I can try something like...


Demo Attached.



// HTML CODE in UniHtmlFrame


<!DOCTYPE html>



<script type="text/javascript">

function myFunction()


var bool1= MainForm.UniCheckBox1.getValue();

if (bool1)



} else {








<input type="button" onclick="myFunction()" value="Click me" />








procedure TMainForm.UniCheckBox1Click(Sender: TObject);







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