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help with setup unigui isapi app


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I have in production (eg www.mysite.com) on a Windows 2008 server with IIS 7, an Isapi app(MyApp.dll) running ok.

On the server the directories are configured in:



Where, within the mysite folder is my MyApp.dll and other necessary folder, such as ext-3.4.0, files, etc..


What I need is to create another application, called MyAppTest.dll (which is the same application in a test environment) and can use it.

How should I do to have both applications in use? I need to create different ports for each one? Setting up another domain?


Thank you for all the help.

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Read the doccumentation from the site.


It's simple and if you follow the steps you're in the clear.

If you use IIS then the link to first application will be : www.yoursite.com/first_app.dll

To the second www.yoursite/second_app.dll and so on.

If you want to work with Apache you have to define 2 virtual hosts and point each one

to a separat folder where you have the *.dll of the application.

It's more complicated but doable.

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