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Dynamic creation of components


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Hi Farhad, need to dynamically create a component, there is a problem with the creation of Label,Edit component.

Attached a test project, if the method uses its DynamicForm.CreateTUniLabel label created!

If DynamicForm.ConstructionForm (5, 'Metka') there are problems, the result of the screenshot.

I apologize in advance for the version I am using Delphi 2007, Build 943, there is no facility to upgrade.

I think the problem is not connected with the version uniGui. Maybe the problem is a variable of type TUniControl.

Thank you.

TestDinamic - ?????.zip





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You can't create a Form dynamically and then refer to its "static" instance.


Creating a dynamic form doesn't initialize its reference as we define as:


function DynamicForm: TDynamicForm;


Calling DynamicForm() inside a dynamically created form will create a 2nd instance.





	Metka : begin
         	pComponent  	:= Self.CreateTUniLabel;
         	pComponent.Tag  := 1;

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