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I don't have an iPad so can't reproduce it. Can it be reproduced on desktop Safari?


well, I really recommend to get one and test the web stuff with the iPad. In my industry (financial) the last two years more and more users get an iPad and do the daily internet tasks - connected to the internet - mainly with it. So when I build an application with uniGui which the users get access with their browsers, then I have to keep an eye on the iPad stuff. The target for using uniGui for me is to give the users an application which they can use whithout installing anything. Thats what they demand, without excluding the iPad users. Of course the uniGui application behaves different than their installed apps, but it has to be usable.


In about a week I begin to build one of these applications with uniGui, with the target to only get the browser to use it. I am curious where the problems with the IPad will wait for me..... maybe a good idea to start a thread in "mobile" section of this forum.

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