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UniDbGrid Leftmost visible column


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Hi Farshad,


I try to make a "pop-up box when column title click" feature.


Is it possible to get left scroll position of the grid? (NOT "leftmost visible columm" Sorry Title was wrong.)




What is the best way to determine left coordinate of clicked title?




Any other possible ways?




Showing image on Title? OnDrawTitle?



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Hi Again,


I found out that UniDbGrid titles is not drawing (refreshing) correctly When Column.Title.Caption is changed, except OnTitleClick.


It seems that UniDBGrid needs more attention to develop and give us some deeper advice that we can handle some...

For example:

1. How to force redraw titles when we want?

2. How can we set grid row height?

3. Can we handle grid column "Word Wrap" issue. (Not title, data cell).

4. Auto Row Height?


Thanks for good Work!

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