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Deployment through Apache 2.2(Use ADO/uniDAC connect to SQL Server)?


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- 2010-10-09 at 10:07

I'm very intested in your product.why I write a isapi dll module with

uniGUI,in IIS is OK,and in apache 2.2 is raise a error HSE_STATUS_ERROR.I

make sure that All setting in httpd.conf is modification on online help and

restart the apache server already.



- 2010-10-09 at 17:24

I found that the reason is can't use ADO/uniDAC connection ,etc,through


Farshad Mohajeri

- 2010-10-09 at 18:00

Thanks for your intereset.

What is the exact error message you're getting?

It may be necessary to set the AutoCoInitialize=True in UniServerModule.


Farshad Mohajeri,

I connect to SQL server.I try to set AutoCoInitialize=True,the problem is

still existing.Browse:error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE)£ºunknown error¡£Apache

error log:[sun Oct 10 09:44:56 2010] [warn] [client] ISAPI:

HSE_STATUS_ERROR result from HttpExtensionProc():


if I set ADO Connection is false,that is OK.Apache need addtional

configuration?Or uniGUI has the problem?Thank you.




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