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run time moving object on form


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Is there a way to move memo and images (in web mode) on a form at run time by click down the mouse on the object?


I need to make a simple pubblisher editor (need to insert text box and images) with the ability to place these objects on the page.



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Hi idb68,


try this:

1.Put on on Form a TUniPanel

2.In form's ClientEvents->ExtEvents->OnMouseMove write this code

function window.Onmouseup(sender, x, y)


ajaxRequest(sender, 'MyEvent', [ 'param0='+x, 'param1='+y ]);


3.On form OnAjaxEvent implement something like this


procedure TMainForm.UniFormAjaxEvent(Sender: TComponent; EventName: string; Params: TStrings);


X,Y: Integer;


if EventName='MyEvent' then


TryStrToInt(Params.Values['param0'], X);

TryStrToInt(Params.Values['param1'], Y);

UniPanel1.Left:= X-(UniPanel1.Width div 2);

UniPanel1.Top:= Y-(UniPanel1.Height div 2);




Please do not criticize me for this code as it is rather experimental.



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