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Uploadify with UniGUI?


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since some time I use UniGUI for web development. For a project I use Uploadify for uploading files from client to customer, since it has more feedback to customer than the built-in uploader of UniGUI.

For the Uploadify part I use ASP.net on IIS. Not as keen as I want, but it works.


Please could you help me some steps in the right direction implementing Uploadify in a Unigui project? Client side is no problem, I can add the code to UniHTMLFrame, but I cannot find where to handle server side of the Uploadify call. Is it possible to hook on at a low level to server Get or Post?


Thanks for your help or tips,




Jan Rutger

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Hi Farshad,


thanks for your quick reply.


Documentation of Uploadify client side: http://www.uploadify.com/documentation/uploadify/implementing-uploadify/

Documentation of Uploadify server side (this should be the hardest part for uniGUI): http://www.uploadify.com/documentation/uploadify/customizing-the-server-side-upload-script/


Beside PHP there is also a ASP.NET server page available in Uploadify.


At the client side you point to a server page where the uploaded file will be stored to disc (in the example below: uploadify.php).


$(function() {


'swf' : 'uploadify.swf',

'uploader' : 'uploadify.php'

// Put your options here





Kind regards,


Jan Rutger

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