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Somthing like Object Grid Panel and some help


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I was testing Raudus and Intraweb frameworks but I have found some kind of "problems" that made me prefer UniGUI, but I still have some leaks on which I need some help (listed below). Is there a way to get it with UniGUI?... Thank you vey much in advance and thank you for this framework, it looks very pretty.


1. Is there something like Raudus' Object Grid Panel?, with columns editor, hidden columns and so on (TMS Intraweb has it too). One component like this might be very useful. The actual UniGUI string grid is too basic.

2. UniGUI doesn't have integer and float edits?. May be inserting some kind of javascript in a client event like onBeforerender?. How could be a number formatted as money (with decimal and thousand separators and $ or € symbol) using client side code with extjs?

3. could you clarify events sequence?. what should have to do if we want to:

fire a client event and hiding it to the server (this is the default way, isn't it?)

fire a cliente event that fires also a server event


Thank you and best regards,

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