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UniGui and Ext Js 4


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Hi Farshad,

is planned use of Ext Js 4 in near future in Unigui? Tell us news or intention..

As you known, I am looking for advanced "desktop like" features in web browser, and those are ALL in Ext Js 4 new features! :-) (Infinite Scrolling, Enhanced grids, row editors, forms, etc..)

I have to port all our big projects on web, and UNIGUI is the only tool that can permits a great work for delphi programmer. The main need is incremental fetch of data (as Infinite Scrolling features) for avoid visual paging in big tables.

Ah, I vote for focus development on web side and not desktop (We already use powerful components); I want a professional and powerful UNIGUI for the web.

Thanks a lot,


Stefano Monterisi

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Hi Stefano,


I saw ExtJs4.1 demos. Infinite Scrolling is a leap in web application development.

I am looking forward too..


In the presence of infinite data grid scrolling, who would need to develop desktop applications anymore ? A great improvement !!

Will it be seen in UniGUI soon ?

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