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Using UniXDBGrid


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This is the information obtained from dblclick event:


Ajax=1 IsEvent=1 Obj=O28F Evt=celldblclick This=O28F RowIndex=1 ColumnIndex=1 E=undefined _S_ID=rL8vG4XZWHdB2C2 _seq_=28


There is information about Control (DBGrid) but not about the row itself where double click is done. If could be possible to add a "RowID" (like RecNo) in client side...

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UniXDBGrid is not a generic component of ours. Frankly I didn't have time to thoroughly analyze it.


:( That's really bad.


Besides the XDBGrid, it would be good for the standard dbgrid, when generating the row for client, there was a way for to identify and establish a relationship between the row on the client side and on the server side. If this were so, it would inherit by the XDBGrid and problem solved.


I post this before, but I post it again caused by the importance that I think this deserves:


1 - grids is one of more components are used in data handling.


2 - Some Of the behaviors expected of them are:


2.1- Sorting rows

2.2- Sorting columns (and save it for specific user)

2.3- Rows' Filtering

2.4- Columns' Filtering

2.5- Columns' fixing

2.6- Rows' fixing (Summaries)

2.7- Columns' grouping


I know you are doing a very good job, and there are a lot of work to be done in the basic areas of the basic components, but, but, but it would be good to extend the behavior of common grid caused by the importance of this component. I think there are some of this behaviors that exist in the extjs's grid. You know it better than me.


It is just my opinion, like in English say people: IMHO

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