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Next Delphi version, any rumors? Roadmap?


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In our company we just talked about our Delphi upgrade plans. Now it seems there is a new version of Delphi every year after Embarcadero took over. Has anyone heard any roadmap for the next edition of Delphi after XE2? New features? Estimated release date?


We are still running D2009 and I am beginning to see some real incentives for upgrading. Especially since I am using generics a lot now and the D2009 generics implementation is somewhat rough around the edges as places.

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XE is the most stable version in my view. XE2 is not as stable but a very good version too. Addition of 64-bit is a major feature in XE2. I haven't played with FireMonkey stuff as I don't need them. Neither do I need OS X stuff.


I think it is better to wait a few more months and buy XE3.

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One should note that XE2 is the final version with old compiler technology. It's nearly 20 years old - continuously patched and upgraded - platform. As David Intersimone said (Chief Evangelist at Embarcadero), the biggest challenge is a creation of new compiler and linker technology, targeted to cross/multi/platform compilation (i.e. language and HW independent architecture). The biggest advantage of XE2 is FireMonkey - (semi) multiplatform application framework (vector GUI and OS independent RTL - in a simplified way).

Unfortunately, most of bug fixes in XE2 is about FireMonkey and only the minority of them is about IDE/Compiler/x64 and etc. I hope and I pray that XE3 (hopefully this fall) will be this all-breaking anniversary new version with completely new compiler technology for Intels (Win32/Win64/MacOS) and ARMs (Android, iOS).

For instance - current (XE2) support for iOS (in FireMonkey) is via Free Pascal Compiler only so there is an external dependance.

It's all about priorities and I hope guys at Embarcadero will use content of their heads in a proper way.

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