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uniGUI DOES Professional VideoPlayer

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A lot of nice features and adapted to run in uniGUI Desktop or mobile. Excellent to make a media broadcasting website, on-line classes and courses, embed adds a lot of features. Based in Ultimate/Simple VideoPlayer Lib, CDG.JS, HTML5Video PLayer, HTML5 Video.JS, VideoPlayer Deluxe, VideoFun.js, Subtitle Engine, MP3 Oscillator (JS Lib),  and others minor libs. All working in uniGUI with native controls.

This project has a lot of code from a project I was making to run a Karoke  WebSite with JS/PHP. Then I move to uniGUI only. And has a lot of nice features I have been improving in years. I have being publishing some video player before here but this one put all those before published as "uniGUI DOES..." series and has more features.

This is the kind of project you can only put together with uniGUI. I just have to make some minor adjust to paths and JS codes but all function from the best video player are here:

Thumbnails Preview, Advertising, Playlist (flexible), Watermark (see uniGUI logo) , total controls using code and uniGUI buttons, complete integration to uniGUI  Desktop and Mobile and works fine in a lot pop-up video windows, roll-down buttons etc, CDG Support. 

Available in few hours...

Desktop version



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HI.. some feed backs...

There is no integration to payment gateways. Sorry. There are plenty of solutions available but all payed solutions. And I can't put inside this project copyrighted code with restrictions distribution. All here are my personal purchased that allow me to insert in my projects or opensource from github/source forge etc.

And worst: you should by a trusted and well know component to payments. And in Brazil, is a bit peculiar and would not fit to all markets. Again, sorry.

Of course, there are a lot of Video Player, but this one is very flexible and really works with native uniGUI controls without any hassles. The better resource is the advertising support embedded.

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2 hours ago, billyChou said:

about hls player support


Yes ? Off line but in the Silver plan package.

This is a very simple example. The JS library is very good and widely used. The best is its support to advertising and a lot of commercial stuff.

What info you need ?

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