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When i add some text to UniHtmlFrame.Html, and the VerticalBars is enabled, i need to be positioned at the last line of the UniHtmlFrame.


How do i positioning the last line of TUniHTMLFrame?




You look at this, maybe is good for you



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I try use "ScrollTo" for TUniHtmlFrame.body too, but don't work, as example below:


UniSession.AddJS('MainForm.UniHtmlFrame.body.ScrollTo('+ QuotedStr('top') + ', 0)');


Occours an Ajax Error reporting that the method ScroolTo is unknown for the object.


Attached the image error.


How it should be correct?




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It should be scrollTo() not ScrollTo().


"case sensitive".. thanks farshad..

But i need inform in pratice anything to always show the last text added in the TUniHtmlFrame.

I tried ("bottom", 0), but without success.

Some solution that i can to use as value for ("top", ?), for this need above?


Thanks again!

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("top", 1000);


Hi farshad,

using ("top", 1000), he is always on the penultimate line, not in the last.. why?

i verified that any value above 100 he stay in penultimate line..


To test:


In runtime add several text until vertical bar stay enabled.

Source code:





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