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uniGUi DOES Sticky Notes (A very "silly" project but useful)

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This is a very simple project and actually shows how uniGUI is powerful and can use anything with little adaptation.

I barely made any changes to this project. Therefore, credit is full for the authors. But this project demonstrates how to use the browser's localstorage and exploit this amazing resource to store data temporarily.

I didn't have much use for this project and was going to my "bin" until I placed it in a tab of a larger project and left it as resources for users to use as a dashboard for their own notes and reminders. Customized with the data of the company for which the project was created and "presto !". Everyone loved it.

Have fun with it... just change the HTML in the component to your needs. And yes, localstorage means that notes are automatically saved after the browser closes. Just open it again and they're still there (client side, of course) .



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