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uniGUi DOES Google Speak (sort of)

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This project uses the Google Translate API to receive the audio generated by the phrase according to the language used.

This way you'll be able to assemble audios in your direct language in MP3 format and use it the way you want.

Test on-line https://www.unigui.com.br/isapi/uniGUIGoogleSpeak.dll

Edited: Disabled the online "play" feature due to some users heavily using the example above and slowing down the server for other operations. See the downloaded audio file !

EDIT2: Source- code to uniGUI and VCL project available in Pack04. VCL binary download below, no restrictions.


See new year's eve promotion




Edited by Fred Montier
Add vcl binary for download
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Hi there...

Since there are lots of interactions with this post and pvts messages, I want to make it clear:

1-This example is fully functional. The audio is played and downloaded to a CACHE folder. Just use it ! The uniGUI ISAPI version has the on-line playing disable because some people got more than 100 audioclips poduced in my website and that makes it slow.So , i disable ONLY the on-line play but you can still download. Please, download de VCL version I made and use it without any dependency. Is fully functional !
2-You can make as many as you want audioclips. But Google limits the size of text per "get" operation. Just break into small phrases and you can have a full narration in any language.
3-The file downloaded is MP3 format and good quality.
4-The source code for both uniGUI and VCL is in the PACK 4. VCL binarry is here.
5-With the uniGUI option, you can insert audio messages in real time in any website. Very useful !  
6- This post is completely different from Speech Synthesis I made some years ago and still in pack 04. The quality is WAYYYY better.
7- Works in any browser. Depends on  Google Translate service.


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