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I can not find the cause of this issue ..


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Hi Farshad,


I need your help on post sent Dec. 26 last year (http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/1580-help-with-callbacks-in-unigui-and-datasnap-server/page__p__6306__hl__callback__fromsearch__1#entry6306)


I really need to find the cause of this issue, where the sessions do not receive the messages sent.


Thanks for your help.


Best Regards,


Cristiano Testai

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I replied to this issue in an email dated 01.01.2012.


Have you received it?


Hi Farshad,


Only now have i seen this email, I do not remember what happened not verified it before. I'm sorry ..


I tested now using UniTimer and work, but has a problem with a certain delay/crash when sending messages in sequence.. I need a way that there is no standby or screen freezing.

Farshad, Does using a TThread instead of UniTimer, can I have a better result? What do you think? Is Possible?


Thanks for your precious help.

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Can you tell how it can be reproduced?


Hi Farshad,


In my project this delay occurs, but I did some tests on the sample you sent and the same problem apparently does not occur!

I'll see if there is any difference in the structure of classes to see what could be wrong.


Thanks again ..

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