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TUniCalendar select week


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Hello !

As title says,

is there any way to select -or mark- a week in uniCalendar (as screenshot below).

No need to get the range, or dynamically selection. I just want to use it in conjunction with uniCalendarPanel (in week mode).

(running v.






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17 minutes ago, Sherzod said:

I will post here, later

1. UniServerModule.CustomCSS:

.customTr {
   background-color: yellowgreen;
   transition: all 0.3s ease-in;

2. MainForm.Script:

Ext.override(Ext.DatePicker, {
    update: function(date, forceRefresh) {
        var me = this;


        Ext.defer(function() {
        }, 200);

3. UniCalendar -> ClientEvents -> ExtEvents -> function picker.select(sender, date, eOpts)

function picker.select(sender, date, eOpts) 
    var me=this;
    me.getEl().select('tr').each(function(el) {

    Ext.defer(function() {
        me.getEl().select('.x-datepicker-selected').each(function(el) {
    }, 0);


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Thank you !

I didn't try it yet, but it is really impressive that you can analyze, find and implement it so fast.

Also, I wish, I could understand that JavaScript stuff...


I wonder, where can I find such information?

Sencha Ext JS docs? forums? Could you please give me a hint?



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