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When the commercialized version v.1.x ?


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In the process of converting a great management software that is currently been developed in Delphi 7 with a hundred masks for a huge company with hundreds of licenses, we would like to know if the final version marketed unigui will be available shortly. If so, when?

We would also like to know if the project is the possibility of using StringGrid as a pivot, ie the ability to merge cells, formatting, select multiple cells to make sums, similar to Excel.


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Sorry for late reply.


There is a still a few months ahead until version 1.0.0, but with version 0.90.0 commercial terms and target price will be announced. We are very close to version 0.90.0.


BTW, you can start using uniGUI in your projects. Current beta license allows using it in your commercial projects.


Thanks all for your patience.

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Hi everyone,


The main thing for me and maybe someother , it is to have a V1.1.0 available , sure, and optimized, with the last ext js 4.0 and the sencha 2.0.

doesen't matter if the application is both for windows desktop and web too. The aims is to have a killer product available for all the plateform such as Ios for Iphone Ipad, android , .That's what i expect. And so far I don't see any results in this way. on mean time markets is growing up in this way and the competitors come. So could you let us know exactly when we will be avalible to play with the last components from Extjs ? and maybe open for others ?


Thanks for your reply.



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