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Deployment on multiple Azure VMs with Application Gateway (Load balancer)


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I have the following scenario:

My application needs to run on multiple servers in Azure - but will be accessed from one url (https://unigui-app.com -> Azure App gateway -> UniGUI/http port:xxx)
The Azure application gateway is deciding to with VM the request is routed.

Now my questions:

  • how can I ensure that one user (session) stays on one VM?
  • how to deploy a new application to multiple VMs

Can this be done with server-farms?

Or how to adjust my application that I can:

  • keep one user on one VM - cookies, url parameters?
  • how to deploy ("/server") new application to individual VMs - cookies, url parameters (e.g. "https:///xxx.com/server/vm1"). 
    I can redirect the requests then to individual VMs if I have some criteria to parse.

Best regards,

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unigui's hyperserver feature already balances the servers evenly,

as far as I know it is not possible for you to indicate which server a user will be forwarded to, each time a user connects, he may be directed to a different server, (whichever has fewer users) he will keep that user in this vm, until he disconnect.

if a server stops, the user will be disconnected, and will automatically be redirected to another server (a new login must be done by the user)

I used nginx to do load balancing, until the new hyperserver feature was released,

today I'm using hyperserver and I'm very satisfied with the result, for me it's working much better than nginx


yes you can with the same hyper server installation add several applications
access will be via url


this is done in the configuration cfg file, I haven't used this feature yet, but it's pretty simple to do.

as far as i know, i seem to be the first unigui user worldwide to deploy the hyperserver solution with multiple servers. I hope more companies use this feature, so we can exchange experiences on the subject

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