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License clarifications


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Hi to all,

I am a delphi programmer who works in a software development company, our company, in addition to many single software, has created a platform that offers different services written in java using a library other than UniGui, now they have asked me to create a functionality link to the platform but which can be easily independent from the graphical point of view and since I am an excellent programmer from Delhi I had thought of using UNIGUI to realize what they asked me, but reading the license I saw that perhaps this thing is not possible

v) Use or distribute the included OEM Ext JS (Sencha Touch) library in other projects which are not created
using uniGUI framework;

So I HAVE to give up ???
Please let me know if I can start collaborating with you and what kind of license we can buy to realize what I have described to you ..

Hoping to become your user and to spread UNIGUI in my company, I greet you and wish you all the best.


Giuseppe Pizza

ACCA Software


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You can distribut the ext-js runtime bundled with your Delphi unigui app.

The license doesn't allow you to use the ext-js to develop application solely developed by ext-js but not unigui and disturbed them

As far as you use unigui, there's no problem with using ext-js bundled with it.

Hope it clear now.



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